Trying hard to be a Saint =.= LOL

Bonjour fellow human =D

I finally hv the mood to update my blog.. My Cousin nagged at me that i seldom update my blog =( Geez.. look who's talking?! YO, the big blogger "AMELIA WONG" <3 millions of people around the world reviews her blog yet there's only 1000+ of them reviewed my blog in 4 years time... I guess i need to do something about it to defeat her numbers of "fan" for her blog!! Well, i hv nothing much to splatter here... Leading a very boring and routine life latterly, i hope i can be capable enough to handle all the bittersweets within these 4 months =D It is always good to be positive in life, i guess i'm not the exceptional one =)

On the other hand, I've been staying at home for a couples of week...It's time for some break out babeh!!! Yeah, so i'm outta my momma's sight for like ( 4 days ) *CLAPS* In fact, as a dotting teen like me always like to rant cocky statements towards the feeling to my mom ;/ I just very fond of doing rebellion stuffs =O OOPS!! But there is always a limit on this matter according to the teachings of the confucius... YEAH RIGHT!! As if i'm the obseqious ones *scoffing* HAHAHAHA XD Currently, staying at my 6th aunts house for 3 days =D Kind of got the homesick feeling threatening me alrdy!! So regret of uttering streams of profanity for the past few days....Well guys, i will remain silence if u ask who the heck i've scold behind =P YOU know, it's a private and confidential thingy undergoing...

I'm immersed into HK dramas nowadays though especially some of the awesome movies that were out recently =D To code several examples such as: Black Swan, Beastly, Burlesque (ZOMG, dying to watch the effortlessly cool Christina Aguilera <3), 127 hours, Drive Angry, Yogi Bear,Shaolin, King's speech...etc....

Lastly, I wanna watch my show now!! OMG!! my cousins are taking over the TV now.. Shooo annoying!! I wished i'm at my own home watching quietly without waiting for the Q.. LOL

My cue now,
TATA. Au revoir A plus Tard.



Bonjour :D

I've just finish watching this movie guys!! It's darn funny!! I seriously recommend u guys to watch this super hilarious HK movie <3

Well peeps, i'm just going to upload the other movie poster that i've been anticipating to watch all this while but then again... LACK OF TIME!!! =.=
So, Here we go again :)

Next one :P LOL

Scroll down and see the rest peeps :D
Black Swan babeh =P

p/s: I can't wait for this!!!

Btw, I've watched Green Hornet already peeps =D It's quite entertaining though despite the jay chou's english =.=' LMAO!!

I simply love the actor of the movie Seth Roger!! His kind of sense of humour XD

Well, let's move on =D

The Yogi Bear <3 (Y)

IN THE NUTSHELL, movies for the month babes!!! Looking forward>>>>>>>

Au Revoir.


Happy Valentine's Day

Hello Humans =D

I here by wanna wish all the couples out there a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Although i'm still single =P Maybe i'll get a lil jealous watching couples sitting one-to-one later when i go out with my mom for dinner XD Admiring couples around me winking at each other and the most glorious smile putting on their faces!! *envytillcandie* Laugh My Ass Off!!

Despite the Ugly truth of every love story behind holds a glamorous facade =O We shouldn't deny the fact that BGR is so enthusiastic yet dangerous and obssesive =O One thing i hate about relationship thingy is that, no matter how hard the girl trying to be strong to overcome the hardships and obstacles in their relationships.. Ended up, #FAILED!

Girls like my age generally ruled by hormones =P Superficially,they love wearing skimpy outfit and attempt to win over guys around them though flirting! But deep inside them, they knew the fact that they couldn't obtain any happiness throughout the whole "hunting" strategy XD They're just trying to prove to others that how contented and loving their condition were =)
Unfortunately, majority of them desperately found out that it's all pain, anxiety, disloyal,attitude problem and misunderstoods! So, what so fun of being "WANTED" ?

After all, we can lead our life peacefully and happily without boyfriends right? Latterly, i've seen a lot of a " in a relationship" status in FB! i dont get the point that some of the girls which i really have good impression on them HELL dissapoints me!!

p/s: GIRLS! U should know ur position! It's definitely not a good time to look for boyfriends coz it's a fucking distraction.. We should use our time on studying or doing benificial activities instead of texting or going out for a date with a guy ;/ It's no use regret over the spilt milk... i would rather read some books than sitting on the couch missing my bf =.=" In my opinion, i hate guys overwhelming my thoughts!! It's actually effing annoying and interrupting!! Such a disturbia -.-

Well ladies =D
It's time to wake urselves up!! Your time will come girls, stop smugging ur bf while others are diligently self-studying at home!! If you're still stubborn, you'll see a big difference in future! Never hessitate to make the first move to CHOP off ur habit on guys, they're like some nuisance drug playing around ur brain....

Once again, ladies We can work this out!!



Gong Xi Fa Cai C;

Happy Rabbit lunar Year HUMANS!!! Have a prosperous and joyful one with ur beloved ones <3

Hola ;D Como Esta?
Estoy Bien, Gracias =D

I'm currently get really intrested in Spanish =P I guess Spanish was not the only language i'm into... haha... Maybe i'll just cut short that i love languages, that's why one of my ambition is to become a successful linguist ^^ though never forget me as a lawyer ^^ LOL.. Btw, i'm so out of the topic now =P Well peeps, i wish u a very HAPPY CNY !! Have a blast one, and remember to rush back home ASAP for the reunion dinner =) For those non-chinese, u guys may take this "golden" opportunity to take a break within a week! Then again, it's the zodiac of rabbit this year ^^ (Y) I don't think that there
will be any excitement for me yo', all i wanted to wish that i might be able to score at least 9As in my SPM and the results will be announced around march.. I'm praying hard about that, I hope God hears me =) since i've been a very good girl all along =P

However, let's talk about my happenings during the month of january 2011!! FYI, it's alrdy february now!! WOAH!! hahahaha.. ok so, I've met a whole lot of friends during jan =D but majority of them were Arabians in ELS.. In fact, i dont even know what's the point of going to the dumb english class =.= i'm the best student there despite the writting section.. Until now, i still dont get it that why i cant score high marks for my essay?? Grammar mistakes or sentence structure?? Ughh.. i hate dwelling on setbacks!!
Cut the crap.
Let's talk about guys ^^ i've met a superb handsome arabian =P His name was Rami Zaqzouq... I guess i really fell for him for the past few weeks but the feeling for him no longer exists anymore -.- sounds epic right?!! Of course, if i have a chance to continue level 106, i would definitely stand a great chance to see him everyday =D Speaking about that, my best bro in the world Al-dabs made the chance for me to spend time with him =D Still, most importantly i've met AWESOME people in january!! They BOOM my month up!! *credits for my buddies*

Lastly, I really ran out of content here =X I guess i should gather all my bouts of frenziness and spill it all out someday on blog.. It's gonna be a back to back bloggie =D

My cue now ;-)


Happy 2011 =]

Aloha peeps ;D the author is back again to kick some ass!! lol
i'm just bullshitting here..Oh dear! i should stop this crap..i decided to update my blog after soooo loooooonggg!! Gosh, i've been waited until my neck grows as long as an typical african giraffe! LMFAO =X finally, i hv my very own fix internet line at home=) sooo excited now!! but i'm not really satisfied with the speed of the internet,but since mom said this speed is sufficient for me temporarily and i guess i hv to follow her words orelse i'm DONE!!
Cut the crap.
SO, how's everybody's new year eve? was it fun? unlike me == my every new years eve celebration was exactly a repitition! lol.. i could even list out my schedule precisely, haha...7.30pm, 31.12.20xx gather with my 6th aunt's family & the cousins and hv dinner with them @ any restaurant nearby my house =='.. after 2 hours+ of mealing, we'll head bck home and no doubt my cousins will hit the tv on, most of the NYE spent accompanying the TV :D Sounds dull right? yeah, i know la.. i'm under this kind of circumstances for like 3 years alrdy! lol.. i guess i should make it differently during 2011 NYE =D HAAAH!! i swear i dont wanna wait for the clock to tick till 12am then all of us will walk outside the house for fireworks!! ughh..shout like some idiots ==' the worst thing was tht i've been lectured by mom about the steamboat dins tht i've asked her to try for millions time..Well, brilliantly all the blame was on me and it simply annoys me a loooot!!! u hv no idea how irritating it was? Come on, its NYE dude? cant she just shut up and stop complaining? She's forever the one who brings down my mood @@.. All in all, its still a brand new 2011.. i commit myself this year's gonna be a tough year but no pain no gain right? MOreover, i'm taking the IB course and its a pretty tough course to undergo.. SO,its a must by brushing up my english which will help me a lot by coping with all those hard-core assignments such as : Theory of knowledge(TOK)its an essay about 1200-1600 words!, extended essays about 4000 words( evenworse) and Creative,service & Action( its a kind of co-curiculum activities which hold 20% of the grading system...lol..6 subjects to cover, unlike A-levels..and FYI, its tougher than A-levels.. hahahaha,i win ady la if i take this course!! macam damn smart..NOT! in fact,its a self challenging thingy going on..lol..still, hard work is the essential ingredient towards success. Somemore, my ambition is to be a lawyer? i guess i hv a long long way to go peeps...my dream universit: Harvard( ranking#1 in the world-U)..its not lip service and i'm definitely not ranting here. Trust me!! i wanna beat the ppl who look down on me..i want to be a brainist who would be able to contribute my knowledge to the society...Most importantly, crossing the threshold of Harvard UNiversity to be the 1st honoured graduate law would be my ultimate goal. U could teased behind me saying tht i'm daydreaming, but u'll nvr stand a chance to destroy my highly ambitious spirit ;DDD Bring it on!! NO matter what, i'll make it.. i know there's some bitch out there reading my blog and bitch-talk about me.. i know u damn smart la, its not necessary to backstap me infront of ur mom.. thts very evil of u!! dont think i'm dumb.. never underestimated me WOMAN!!! BITCH!!! FUCK off la..i guess its very risky to post this.. so i think i'm ought to change my blog address, hahahaha...
b4 i leave, i would like to post a pic of Harvard! =)

Till then,
TOodlesss ^^


Trials @.@

Hellooo peeps C:
Trials is seriously killing me!!! Luckily I still hv the 2weeks raya holiday to save my life back Xp lol.. Can u imagine the how much pressure and stress all the form 5 students are?!?! 10 dumb fcuk subject to handle...u think it's easy dude? Me especially don't think so!!! Once u hv the feeling to sit down there and glue ur butt to study like some nerd freak..there is always some fucking distractions waiting to draw ur attention away frm the book..like me!! An absolute and typical role model of disconcentration in my studies:(:( KDK!!! Always try to escape frm hardships and challenges..and u'll name ME!! :/ hahahaha -.- speaking about exams,I'm fed up with those chapter by chapter concept for every single subject..isn't it annoying by crushing though packing ur mind with all those unfamiliar information into ur such functionable brains?!
To code an example such as: Bahasa Melayu is commonly used almost in every subject's syllabus..why don't the education department come out with something interesting and yet creative in order to let students hv more fun in learning boring subjects such as economics,sejarah,moral and accounts?? I guess thts the common prob among secondary students..something inevitable though dissatisfied.Not to say every1 of us speak Malay as our mother tongue?! So that we don't hv any excuses not to study subjects in BM version...WTF!! Moreover,there is also obstacles occuring for the science stream student who were practically cracking their head and try to understand,reveal and more into their supreme boring science subjects like physics,chemistry& biology?? In my opinion,three of these subjects are not easily manage and expertise by all...if it really does? I guess every1 of them will probably be a genius or something..my point is,although these three subjects were not using BM but vice versa it's in English!! And everyone thinks this will make their life easier?! What happens in the end tht it's not what u think it is..lol..u are not one who can study science,why wanna show off urself to study such bullshit subject to gain reputation but in fact u're facing study problems coz u've go against ur nature..did u know that? Forcing urself to like the subject tht u hv no talent in it..and that I strongly oppose the one's who object my opinion..I'll will not hesitate a moment to shut ur fuck up!! Let me reason my opinion..first of all,i hv a friend who suck in science subject to the max but she insist to continue taking it and she's actually repeating her mistakes by obeying her stupid parents decision..Somehow,absurdly she shift to another school to start a whole new form 4 science subject life in fact she can graduate by this year?!?! Lolzzz
lastly,what I wanna conclude is that don't make dumb decision in ur life because it's my very own personal experience by surveying all sorts of ppl which they were very regrad by going into science class..how saddening? The worst thing is tht they can't pull themselves out again coz it's alrdy the 2nd year they've studied..they left no choice but to continue...In life,everyone are meant to made decisions for themselves but a wise decision always comes to the one who knows how capable
they were and follow the path tht u hv set..Dont ever look back,because the world is always full of excitement:DDwaiting for u to discovered it's beauty.. but not a place to express ur arrogants and prejudices. P/s: we can make the world a better place to stay:):)



Comment Ca'va?? ( how r u ) in french..
Wassup ppl C: I guess my title had alrdy made a 40% of what am trying to express here...Lol !! Saddening incidence happen continuously after the day my grandmother passes away..I don't know that whether am trying to avoid myself from this issue or watever shit?! I just don't feel right nowadays..it's like not me anymore... The way I see things and the understanding within me is completely different after that incident happen..

It changed my life!! I swear..I don't care how ppl think about me anymore..where by, I could be able to ignore all those critics frm some idiots which I do not wish to mention much.. A bunch of fake friends surrounding me, being such a nuisance or moron in school..retarded shit piece of mind...My gawd?! Am honestly quite sick and tired of what am I now...As a student who were no longer facing the stupid SPM exam..I'm forced to study in order to score in flying colours..because as the trend to success in life,you are ought to work harder for a better future,so just frigging follow the damn trend and demand myself to obtain 10A+!!! Dude, this wasn't an easy mission to accomplish though!!! However,am actually suffering frm dilemma now!! Am so lost about my target?!?! Will this be my ultimate goal in my adolescents stage...I want to be memorable and glorified but not to be hopeless and dulless as t
a dead LIGHT bulb!!! ~sighs~

till then,